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KRULL (1983)

Directed by Peter Yates

Written by Stanford Sherman

Starring Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony, Freddie Jones

A space fantasy fairy tale, Krull’s imagination is unhindered by its budget or any story logic at all.

Also, Krull is not the name of ANY character in the movie. It’s the name of the planet. Or the continent. I think. I’m still not sure. Also also, That’s not a Glaive. A Glaive is already a thing and it’s not that. To its credit, it takes much bigger swings than any 200-million dollar franchise film, and it made a heck of a likeable selection for the Gentlemen Hecklers 5-year anniversary show in 2017.

Favorite riff: Shaun calling Robbie Coltrane “Cheeseburger Freddie Mercury.”