Katy and Eric

These jerks finally got hitched!


Directed by Boris Sagal

Written by John William Corrington, Joyce Corrington

Starring Charlton Heston, Anthony Zerbe, Rosalind Cash

ERIC SAYS: Richard Matheson is one of my favorite writers. From this to The Twilight Zone, to Kolchak, he was a brilliant creator. The Omega Man takes his novel “I am Legend,” and adds a distinct early 70s sensibility to it. Instead of vampires, the monsters fought by Charlton Heston were essentially cult members (this wasn’t too long after Manson’s conviction). It makes for an interesting, unofficial Heston Apocalypse trilogy along with Soylent Green and Planet of the Apes. Fun fact: during lockdown, I inadvertently dressed up like Chuck while living alone and not leaving the house.