Katy and Eric

These jerks finally got hitched!

TOP GUN (1986)

Directed by Tony Scott

Written by Jim Cash, Jack Epps Jr.

Starring Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Anthony Edwards

Riffed by The Gentlemen Hecklers May 8, 2019

KATY SAYS: Who wears jeans to play beach volleyball? 7/10 #justice4goose

A massive hit with an undeniably classic soundtrack, Top Gun still felt appropriate for The Gentlemen Hecklers to have a go. Even while we were doing it, I knew it was some of the best work we’d ever done. Given the chance, I’d get Gina and K.C. and Patrick and jump right back in and do it again!

Favorite riff: “Top Gun backwards is Nug Pot.” – Gina Harms